Products & Servics

Website Design

We provide custom website design and hard working websites. We can do anything from ecommerce websites (including elearning, membership, files and data) to custom website functions.

Content Writing

Your content needs to be high quality and valuable for people to read it. We do not write gimmicky trash. Talk to us about blog posts, infographics, social media interactions, Press Releases, and other word-products.

Graphic Design

When you take any action - from handing out a business card to posting on Facebook - it critical to have a cohesive look so that you can be recognized. Work with us to build your brand. We do Graphic Design for all manner of digital and print media.

Social Media Management

Social Media platforms offer the greatest chance for you to reach new audiences, and build relationships with existing ones. We have the experience to set goals and strategies, and get the most from your Social Media Accounts. We can do the work for you.

Pop-up Website

If you need a website fast (within 24 hours), or you need a website that is cheap to start out, that can develop with you, checkout the Boiling Pot Meida Pop-up Website. It is a low-cost, template based website that is fully extendable. Ecommerce, User Forms, Event Management are all baked into the package.

Website Repair

Is your site broken, or slow? We un-hack websites, restore, and optimize websites. Let us fix you up.

Website Hosting, Software Updates, and Security

This is the best hosting option for people with WordPress websites who want a high level of security and active system management. It includes a designated IP, SSL/HTTPS, backups, software management, domain name registration, & security.



More than a just a website

When I started my own company, there were so many things I needed to do to set up in order to compete in the marketplace. It was a bit overwhelming. James was able to break down the process for me […]
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Limelight Analytics

Tania Jarosewich reviews JRyven Web Design

With James’ help, creating and maintaining a website is completely painless. The process that James used to learn about our work and brainstorm initial website ideas was focused and led to a good rough draft for the site. He was […]
Tania Jarosewich

Matt Lager Reviews JRyven Web Design

JRyven Web Design helped us revise and update our website. The work turned out great. James Valeii is a creative listener and truly responsive to client needs. I can’t speak to anything technical about the web stuff that was done, […]
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